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Corlink VoIP


Our VoIP service number include: 087 / 012 / 010, which has a monthly line rental and includes the following features:

  • Voicemail
  • International call barring.
  • Call waiting
  • Call Recording

Once the Fibre line is activated you can expect your VoIP line to be activated within another 5 to 7 working days. Porting of geographic number may take longer.


VoIP Service

Package Name Line Rental Monthly Per minute/ Per Second Billing Benefits
Corlink Voice Option 1 R 30.00 pm 0.56 cents 0.56 cents Per Minute, Billed per second
Corlink Voice Option 2 R 149.50 pm Includes 250 Free Minutes
Corlink Voice Option 3 R 379.50 pm Includes 1000 Free Minutes
Corlink Voice Option 4 R 1148.85 pm Includes Unlimited Minutes










Available Phones


Yealink Corded Phone

Yealink Cordless Phone

Extra Yealink Handsets

R950/Once off

R1750/Once off

R950/Once off

Please take note of the following:

  • International calls are possible on request; we will provide an A – Z rate sheet.
  • We support number porting. If you would like to port an existing number, then the monthly line rental will have the same cost applied.  The lead time for the number porting can be one to two weeks.
    Please note:  Do not cancel your contract with your existing service provider, until the porting has been completed. After successful porting of the number, then you can cancel your line with the previous service provider.

The following additional documentation will be required when number porting is requested.

  • Copy of your ID document
  • Completed and signed ‘Porting Request Form’
  • The latest account / statement from your existing service provider