Installation Process

Your order will be processed immediately after the order has been signed by you and reached our office. The first step is to build the access line into your premises, and then install the connectivity equipment. Our Network Operation Centre (NOC) will send you an email with your connectivity account number, after the equipment is successfully installed. The connectivity account number is the number which must reference all payments to us. Your equipment user ID and password is for use in our NOC.


The service is pre-paid but Corlink Networks (Pty) Ltd may make the service live before payment is received in its bank facilities and the payment is processed. The different payment methodologies have various time implications, pending on the process involved to record and account for the payments. Corlink Networks currently only accept direct debit
order payments.

EFT And Direct Deposits

An EFT payment can be made into our current account should your debit order not go through.
First National Bank – Kyalami Mall - Code 250655 - Account number 62777813356

Your deposit identifier must reflect your ID Number which was sent to you via email when your equipment was made live.
Payments may take 48 hours before it reflects in our bank facilities, depending on which Bank holds your account. After your payment reflects in our bank, it can take 24 hours to process the payment against your connectivity account, which will then render your connectivity live. The responsibility is on you as the user to ensure that your EFT payment is made in time for effective processing, and to avoid suspension of your connectivity account.
We will accept proof of payment in order to speed up the processing of your order. However, we will validate
notice of your payment against the deposit into our account within 48 hours. Failing in validating the payment, will cause suspension of the connection.

Debit Order Payments

The order form makes provision for signing a debit order in favor of Corlink Networks. Corlink Networks will submit the debit order to your account at month end, and on successful receipt of your debit order, we will process the payment to your connectivity account.

Credits and Debit cards payments

These payments are currently not available, but are in the process of being implemented.

Service Cancellation.

There is a 30-day cancellation notice policy on the service agreement.